Create an Awesome Well Formatted Squeeze page, or a Sales page or a “Thank You” page or ANY PAGE you want in your WordPress Blog in 6′ 45” Flat Without Knowing HTML!

(And without messing with your main blog theme!)


I’m Wayne and I’m a geek.
I’m a web geek, marketing geek, a teaching geek, an NLP geek, and the only reason that any of this matters to you is that I’m here to share my geekery with you today and make your life easier. Read on!

For the impatient: Check out the examples on
Sales letter — This page!
Squeeze page —
Video squeeze page —
Blog pages* —
*(the blog page is an arbitrary theme, uneffected by WPIM!)
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Let me back up..


Here’s the problem: even long-time web geeks don’t like messing with HTML when they don’t have to, but how do we get our sites setup to collect subscribers and make sales without touching the code?

The bad news is: we can’t…, at least not all of us.

Let me be frank here…

To Do Business On The Web You Need TECHNOLOGY!

There’s no way around it.

Fortunately, the web has come a long way in the last fifteen years and we have some superb frameworks out there to take care of the ugliest parts in the background. My favorite platform is WordPress – and apparently I’m not the only one since there are now over 50 million sites being powered by WordPress!

Here are the three things that make WordPress a great choice for marketers:

1. The search engines love WP sites giving you a boost in SEO.

2. The beautiful themes out there mean visitors love WP sites.

3. The tons of plugins available make it so that the search engines and visitors love your WP sites even more.

So why wouldn’t everyone use WordPress for all their sales sites?
To put it bluntly, WP sucks for selling out-of-the-box…

Just think about the features that most themes come with for engaging visitors. A beautiful theme with friendly navigation menus, bling in the sidebars, and lots of links to other pages – pretty much the worst place to close a sale! A much better choice is sending people to a page where visitors have two options ONLY: take the action you want them to take or hit the back button.

You’d think these direct marketing type pages would be easy to build.


Let’s take a look at your options:

1. Skip WordPress and go back to plain old HTML

Yes, some people do this. The downsides are that

you don’t get the love from the search engines,
you can’t easily change the look of the whole site,
you don’t have all those handy WP plugins available, and worst of all:
you have to mess with HTML and FTP’ing files around the web.

As long as I’ve been building web sites and as geeky as I am, I still hate messing around with HTML. There’s just too many places to make a tiny mistake and break the whole site. Of course, there are tools out there like Dreamweaver that “simplify” working with HTML and only cost a few hundred dollars and hours to learn.

Oh, and did I mention all the gibberish left in the code by editors like Kompozer or NVu?

No thanks. Next!

2. Use your existing theme

As I mentioned above, this usually backfires since your visitors have all those great social style links to distract them from your desired action.

Shiny! Next!

3. Use a “page template”

WordPress does have a feature where you can make individual pages on the site look different that your main theme. This was my first real solution to the “leaks” in the normal theme. I made myself a nice template that I could use on as many pages as I wanted. The trouble came when I changed the site theme and discovered that …I lost my page template on dozens of landing pages!

Oops. Next!

4. Use a dedicated sales theme

This has been the solution of choice for many people lately. You get the benefits of direct marketing style page layouts and all of the WP goodness behind it. If all you’re putting on the site is sales materials, then rock on. Many of us like to have a mixture of sales style pages and blog style pages on a site. I found that I wasn’t so keen on having my “blog” pages so plain and/or messing with the code enough to get sidebars and widgets on some pages but not others.

Oh, and did I mention these dedicated sales themes typically start at $97 and are not very intuitive? Several of my clients have had me develop custom WordPress themes for them after they used One Popular theme. One client in particular had let someone convince him to use that One Popular theme but he never figured out how to use it!

Sorry. Next!

5. …

Oh. There is no five…

The good news: I created a plugin so you don’t have to touch the HTML code but you can create cool pages like being an HTML Guru!


WP Instant Minisite Plugin
Introducing the

WP Instant Minisite Plugin

I realized that I was going to have to build my own solution… the WP Instant Minisite plugin.

I’d been toying with my plugin, using it as a way to create direct sales style pages without effecting the look of other pages on a site and would not be effected by changing the site theme.

I mentioned the idea to some big names online and the answer I got from every one? “GO FOR IT!” So, I took on the challenge, dove into my coding cave for a week, and when I re-emerged I knew I had a winner. Now, you can use it too!

Let me show you an example of how a video squeeze page is created in 6:45” flat without editing any HTML or FTP’ing a single file.

How cool was that? ;)

Here is what some of the folks that love WPIM say:

“This plug in is so easy to use.
I can create a squeeze page quickly and
easily without bugging my webmaster.
This is simple fix! The first time it only took
me 10 minutes to get my pages how I want them
it’s a no brainer at this price!

Finally, a plug in that DOES what it says it Does!

Dr. Letitia Wright
The Wright Place TV Show”

“Absolutely adore this plugin.Been looking for something that would consistently work with different themes, on any WP site for a while. Another great thing about it is that I can make multiple squeeze pages or thank you pages for different products, or even incorporate my full sale pages within the architecture of my WordPress blogs.

Which means plugins that auto-create my sitemap will include them, and I don’t have to go and make a whole new page outside the hierarchy. Better for SEO, less confusing to my visitors, can include them on my native WP menu… can’t say enough good things about this or the number of problems it solves for me and my clients.

Great work.

Tinu Abayomi-Paul”

“Wow! Thanks, Wayne. You read my mind. This is exactly what I have been looking for. This plugin will make some tech tasks a whole lot easier from now on. : )Tracy”

“Hey Wayne,I purchased, and it was Super easy to install.

I Played around with it for an hour or so last night. It can be addictive, and i had to make myself stop because with the Super Easy, Drag n Drop, It’s like a hamburger and you have tons of different ways to personalize it.

I definitely will get some good use out of it.

So Thanks For a Great Plugin, 2 Big Thumbs Up, and Keep Em Coming!


“I set aside some time to really dig in and see what this plugin can do, and I can tell you: “plenty!”It’s flexible, inuitive, and just plain makes sense.

Great product–make some more please. : )


“Hi Wayne,
Nice plugin … it should make things pretty easy to setup single page minisites with WordPress.
I do think newbies might have a bit of a learning curve but no more than learning standard WP widget usage would be.

The drag and drop options are nicely laid out making it easy to add options to the minisite pages.

Installation and usage was straight forward.

Mike Allton (ASU Service)”

“Hi Wayne,
Thanks again for the review copy. Adding to the comment I sent you posted above I wanted to tell everyone considering grabbing this that they can feel very confident in the plugin and your work/support.

Wayne has done a couple jobs for me and is always standing ready when a buyer needs assistance.

The plugin is proving to be solid!

“Hi Wayne, thanks for the review copy.- I like how it creates a whole new page format that is white & clean, and it’s nice to be able to adjust the width of that page.

- I like how it allows you to create new page formats, ie the three column setup, and it will be even nicer when you add those other layout options we talked about as well.

- Using widgets as elements is a cool idea; I found myself hunting around amidst all my existing ones for ones that were relevant to this page.

Jonathan Boettcher (JonathanBoettcher)”

“I was lucky to get a pre release review copy of the plugin (thanks Wayne!) and had a chance to try the plugin and here is my review:The plugin installed easily without any problems just like any other wordpress plugin. Then I created a new sales page just like Wayne shows in his demo video. I created my sales page fast and effortlessly without having to dabble with any html as all the layout settings are drag and drop style which makes it really easy to use.

After a few mouse clicks I had a decent sales page ready to take orders. At this time there is only one template design for each of the different types of pages. I would definitely like to see more choices. But like Wayne has mentioned, he will be creating more designs…

What I particularly like about the plugin is that it can work with any theme. It is very newbie friendly and I highly recommend it to all those who have a fear of working with the html code. Even for those who are not afraid of the code like myself, this plugin is a huge time saver and at the price that it is available now makes it a no brainer deal.: )


So, let’s recap the options and the costs

bad choiceCustom page template - $50 per design and time lost when changing themes
bad choiceStock “Premium” WP theme – $50-150 plus the lost sales and subscribers
bad choiceDedicated sales theme – $100 and bling-less blog pages
bad choiceCustom WordPress theme - $250-2500 and several weeks development time(but it’s so worth it!)
good choiceWP Instant Minisite plugin – as low as $19 and 8:28” to a finished minisite

Or you could do it on your own. :D

  • Edit HTML,
  • FTP the files around,
  • spend hours figuring out where the page broke with that last edit
  • futzing with themes, installing (and reinstalling!) page templates.

You could even build a plugin like this.

All the pieces are out there on the web. It only took me a week to put it all together. Oh, and the decade and a half of programming experience to know what pieces to put together how.
But you could do it on your own. I suppose.


Simply Invest in the WP Instant Minisite plugin And Have a New Minisite minutes from now


(less than 8:28” if you’ve got a WP site now).

Remember: it’s a PLUGIN!
Hence it’s working with ALL themes!

With WP Instant Minisite you get to leverage all the WordPress plugins to make things like adding audio, video, or surveys quick and painless.

Imagine how creative you’ll feel when you go from idea to test site in an afternoon. And, of course, there is the speed to market advantage that will have you making money that much sooner. No more stressing over HTML, FTP, and all those other capital letters – just







You’ll have the peace of mind that your next site will be collecting subscribers and payments in minutes rather than days or weeks! I’m curious whether you’ll spend that time you’ll be saving with your family or on other high leverage activites. And how great will it feel to tell the doubters that not only is your site up and running, but you built it! And after you’ve built your minisite…

What You Get
When You Order Today

GO FOR IT!WP Instant Minisites plugin

The plugin itself has two highly flexible templates.

Both templates have header, body, and footer.

The squeeze template has two columns in the body, the “universal” sales and landing page template has up to three columns. This means you can easily create landing pages with side-by-side content or sales pages with testimonials down the side.

GO FOR IT!Custom landing page widgets

WPIM also includes several custom widgets that make creating landing pages a cinch.

1. Headline widget – creates <H1> headline that can be easily styled with CSS (if that’s how you roll)

2. Page Content widget – allows you to place what you entered in the visual editor anywhere in your minisite page – with drag&drop ease

3. Text w/width – just like the usual WP text widget, but allows you to specify the width, like the Page Content widget, so you have full control of your page layout

And, of course, you can use all the existing widgets and those from your favorite plugins anywhere in your page layout!

Plus …

GO FOR IT!Lifetime updates

I built this plugin for my own use. I know that a new version of WordPress will come out and I’ll be making updates to make sure this plugin works with the next generation of WordPress. You’ll get access to every updated version of the plugin.

GO FOR IT!Walkthrough videos

Your walkthrough videos will be available on the web site for your continued reference. This means you’ll get to see the plugin in use to build various types of minisite pages and get some ideas for use on your WPIM powered sites.

GO FOR IT!Quickstart Guide

You’ll also get the quickstart guide with step-by-step instructions and screen shots. This means you’ll always have a quick reference when using the plugin without having to sit through the walkthrough video.

GO FOR IT!“Zero to hero” minisite creation webinar

In this live webinar, we will walk through the complete process from idea to completed site – including buying the domain name, setting up hosting, installing WordPress, setting up and using the WPIM plugin, plugins for SEO, using multimedia with WP, and creating a complete site in about an hour. You’ll get to see it all done live and get your questions answered.

GO FOR IT!Bonus reports

Of course, there’s a little more to building money making sites than just the technology. That’s why I made arrangements with some of my friends and peers to send you some great supporting resources after you invest in WPIM. The following short reports that will give you a handle on things like when to use a squeeze page, what to put in it, how to build your list at no cost, and some ways to make it all work even better (directly and indirectly).

bonus Bonus Report #1: How to enter any market with a Squeeze Pageby Stephen Dean – Stephen shares his strategy for entering any market, no matter how competitive, using squeeze pages. You also get a script for a video option for the camera shy (and it converts!)

bonus Bonus Report #2: Zero Cost List Building by Dr.Mani – Dr.Mani shares how he builds his list using squeeze pages and how he monetizes during the list building to pay for his traffic!

bonus Bonus Report #3:  Master the Art of Writing Bullet Points by Jason Fladlien  – Jason shares some of his secrets to creating powerful bullets quickly and easily.

bonus Bonus Report #4: Maximize Your Landing Page Conversions by John Ritskowitz – Ritz shares from the trenches a number of tips and tricks, large and small, to continue improving your conversion rates. He also shows you some alternative landing pages besides the usual squeeze pages and tells you when to use them.

bonus Bonus Report #5:  Build Your Own Online “Fun Lab” by Paul Myers – Paul shares a timeless technique for getting over the fear of all that “scary” technology.


GO FOR IT! GO FOR IT! GO FOR IT!Triple Guarantee


I want you to be ecstatic with your investment today. In order to take any risk on myself, you are getting these three guarantees.

First: Get results today. Order now, install your copy of WPIM, and create a squeeze page to test (I’ve even included some example copy). If in 15 minutes you don’t already know this will save you hours and make you at least ten times your investment, I want you to request a refund.

Second: Continuous improvement. If at any point you have feature requests, improvements, questions or kudos about your purchase, just open a ticket at our support desk (Support @ Mercs LLC) and you’ll hear back within 24 hours (typically much faster).

Finally: Full satisfaction. If at any point in the next 30 days a buyer is not supremely satisfied with their investment, they’ll just visit the support desk and request a 100% money back refund. Their refund will be processed ASAP with no hassle (even though I almost certainly ask how I could have improved their experience).


Single site: $19
Create as many pages as you’d like on a single domain name.

Multi-site: $49
Install on as many domains registered in your name as you’d like.


Purchase Online with Credit Card by Secure Server

It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 o’clock in the morning!

Major Credit Cards & PayPal Accepted

Thank you in advance for your order!To Your Success!

Wayne Buckhanan